Detroit Wedding Fashion

Detroit is a great place to throw a wedding, and that's because there's seemingly unlimited creative talents waiting to make your ceremony the absolute best that it can be. One of the most important parts of your wedding is finding a dress, and you're in luck! Wedding fashion in Detroit is certainly something to follow, as this city always comes out on top when it comes to creativity. There are great bridal salons and bridal shows in the area for you to go and view all of the latest styles and trends, which we'll go over on this page. With our help, you'll have the trendiest wedding ever!

One of the most popular wedding trends going on today is the "Woodland" theme. One look around Pinterest will show you moss, lichen, tree and bark accents on centerpieces, bouquets, dresses, and just about everything else you could think of when it comes to your wedding! The rustic, natural look of a "Woodland" comes with a certain charm that can't be described. Bridesmaids with loose braids and mismatching dresses is a great way to complete this look. Go to your local craft store to find tree trunk slices for coasters and decorations.

The "Vintage" themed wedding is another popular wedding trend! Brides and grooms love the Vintage feel because it's full of romance and overall charm. Adding old world items and unique vintage finds to your wedding day will give it an ambiance that can't be recreated, there's no doubt about that. A big trend when it comes to wedding dresses is the 1920's flapper look, as well as the glamorous look of the 1950's. Opt for adding family heirlooms to your decorations for that extra oomph and nostalgia. Pearls, lace, and pastels all contribute to the ethereal vintage look that so many brides are going for.

One of our favorite wedding trends in this day and age is the "Whimsical" look. The modern day "fairy tale" wedding, these ceremonies focus on creating an ambiance that's other worldly. These creative themes offer many Do It Yourself tactics to create a wedding that looks as though it's from a children's book...but in a good way! Paper accents, balloons, and unique altar areas create the "Whimsical" feel that you and your guests are guaranteed to enjoy. Ask your photographer to edit your pictures with lots of light to ensure that the feel is achieved!

The "Dramatic" trend is one that will probably never go out of style! This is the type of wedding ceremony that guests remember for years to come, and they'll forever base their comparisons off of when they go to future weddings. "Dramatic" style weddings focus on intense lighting, avant garde centerpieces, and couture dresses. You can expect a fully decorated reception hall with all of the fittings at these "Dramatic" weddings!

We hope our guide to Wedding Fashion in Detroit has helped you out! Be sure to check out research these themes for more information and inspiration. We're confident that your wedding will turn out to be a huge success when you follow one of these popular wedding trends!

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