Detroit Parades and Festivals

Parades and festivals in Detroit are never boring, and always plentiful! When the summer arrives, and even all throughout the fall and winter, you'll find amazing community centered events within the borders of the city, and that's a part of its charm. There's the winter festivals that include ice skating at the park, Jazz Festival, Detroit Electronic Movement Festival, Motor City Pride, the Thanksgiving Parade, and much more throughout the year. With all of these opportunities for community involvement and hometown pride, we know that you'll have a great time exploring what Detroit has to offer to its citizens and neighbors.

The next time you're planning an outing to one of these events, be sure to consider all of your options for reliable transportation. You don't need us to tell you that trying to park in Detroit during one of these happenstances can be quite costly, and not to mention, the headache and chaos of the traffic surrounding them can be enough to drive even the calmest person a bit crazy. You'll be glad to know that there's a better option for getting from A to B at these events, and that's with party bus transportation!

You can trust a party bus to supply you with all you'll need for parades and festivals in Detroit. You'll have shelter from the weather, a simple meeting spot with friends, a designated driver for the night, as well as all of the features you could cream of. With bar areas that have both ice and cup holders, televisions with DVD inputs, as well as couch style leather seating, your parade and festival experience will be one for the books when you decide to rent with us. Let us show you how to experience Detroit parades and festivals the right way, with party bus transportation!

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