Concerts in Detroit

Detroit has quite a few nicknames, but one of the most recognizable is surely "Detroit Rock City"! It goes without saying that the music scene in Detroit has always been something to be proud of. After all, this is the birth of Motown and the Techno movement! With all of the fantastic concert venues and stadiums in the city, there are always big names rolling through town and causing some excitement. This is certainly why Detroit is such a pleasant city to live in and around, as there's always options for entertainment, no matter what type of music you enjoy, or what era you happen to be from.

Be sure to check your local listings and see who is coming into town. You're going to want to figure out your mode of transportation early, as many providers book their entire fleet in preparation of a big concert. One thing is for sure, our party buses are outfitted for this exact event, partying with friends on the road going to your concert, having the time of your lives while awaiting the band to take the stage. Your party bus will serve as more than just a way to get from place to place!

Our party buses are an experience, not just a mode of travel. We pride ourselves on the carefree experience that a party bus brings, and we know that you'll enjoy the experience, regardless of how many passengers you have! Our party buses have couch style leather seating, nightclub style lighting, large televisions, sound systems with subwoofers, dancing poles, coated privacy windows, spacious interiors, convenient bar areas complete with cup holders and ice, and more! With all of these features, and a talented chauffeur, you'll find that the sky is the limit when it comes to your next concert experience in Detroit.

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